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Broken Blossoms (a.k.a. The Yellow Man and the Girl)


Directed by D. W. Griffith

Lillian Gish as Lucy Burrows
Richard Barthelmess as Cheng Huan
Donald Crisp as Battling Burrows
Arthur Howard as Burrows' manager
Edward Peil Sr. as Evil Eye
George Beranger as The Spying One
Norman Selby as A prizefighter

Director D. W. Griffith is considered as the first master of feature film directors.  Broken Blossoms is his most tragic, serious, poetic, difficult, and melodramatic film.

Broken Blossoms  shows the condemnation of child abuse and the violence of western society.  It tells the story of young girl, Lucy Burrows, who is abused by her alcoholic prizefighting father, Battling Burrows, and meets Cheng Huan, a kind-hearted Chinese man who falls in love with her.

This is a silent movie that dealt with social problems; a love story that has a tragic end.

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