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Director: Petr Václav
Starring: Stefan Ferko , Milan Cifra , Terza Zajickova-Grygarova , Ludmila Krokova

22-year old Marian remembered his childhood: At 3, he was taken into care by the state when his mother, a gypsy, was judged by the courtsto be irresponsible and incapable of bringing up a child. Marian does not speak Czech and has no notion of personal hygiene. He was classified as mentally retarded on account of hereditary defects inherent in his race. His prognosis was dismal. Marian grew up wild and rebellious in a hostile world which was indifferent towards him. In orphanages, correctional facilities and on and off in prison. He put his hope in the few people he met along the way but they were unable to develop any durable human relationship.

This movie attempts to show how an abandoned gypsy boy, incarcerated since age 3, grows up to be a criminal because the institutionalized violence and abuse to which he's subjected corrupts his wild spirit and destroys his gypsy heritage.

Can he survive his longings? Can he escape the circle which holds him in its grips?

1 comment:

bluedreamer27 said...

the story summary looks so inspiring
all was due to enviromental influences
i felt pity for marian
maybe he dont intend to be like criminal maybe its just his past who yeild him to be a criminal

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