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The Crime of Padre Amaro

Directed by Carlos Carrera
Cast: Gael Garcia Bernal, Ana Claudia Talancon, Sancho Gracia, Angelica Aragon, Luisa Huertas;

Gael Garcia Bernal (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, AMORES PERROS) stars in EL CRIMEN DEL PADRE AMARO, a controversial drama that was a box office smash in its native Mexico. Directed by Carlos Carrera, the film tells the story of a young priest who succumbs to temptation and corruption. Father Amaro (Bernal) is a handsome 24-year-old who has recently been assigned to a new church in Los Reyes. Upon arrival, he discovers that his mentor, Father Benito (Sancho Garcia), is having an affair with a local restaurant owner, Sanjuanera (Angelica Aragon). At first shocked, Father Amaro soon finds himself in a moral predicament of his own. Amelia (Ana Claudia Talancon), Sanjuanera's 16-year-old daughter, is a gorgeous teenager who falls deeply in love with the tempted priest. Before long, Father Amaro and Amelia are entangled in a steamy relationship, further testing the young priest's moral fiber. Based on the classic Portuguese novel by Eca de Quieroz, Carrera's film is a scathing indictment of the hypocrisy and corruption that has plagued the Catholic church from its inception. As the confused and conflicted priest, Bernal delivers another magnetic performance, cementing his status as one of Mexico's hottest superstars.


pen said...

hi ramil!
musta? mukang maganda tong movie na to, i though i left a message on this one,,hinid pla naiwan :D matagal ko na nakita tong post mo.

do you get to watch all of these movies? san mo nakukuha to? keep me posted pls! tnx!

rahamitz said...

Hi Pen! Again, thanks for visiting! I get to watch the films only during my free times..., usually at night. I usually buy them sa mga astrovision and some other video shops. A lot of the hard-to-find copies were bought throught You can click the "STORE" button to view and buy the films you want to acquire or go this link

Have a great day...

Garagen said...

controversy is an important too for publicity.take an example of this box office smash!da

rosalie said...

hehe- going to watch out for it !

i like bernal very much, think he always plays so authentic and (mm- this is just caused by i'm a girl i think ;) ) an always nice man to see (or even to tout) because of his interesting and dishy mimic.

i don't find the story as much as accosting or in-depth as others but maybe the play will be more authentic and make up for it.

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