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Life of Brian

Directed by Terry Jones

Casts: Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese

Life of Brian tells the story of a man (Brian) born in Bethlehem around 4 BC, hailed as a religious leader during his brief ministry in his 30s, and crucified by the Romans for his trouble.

Blissfully sacrilegious and completely irreverent, The Life of Brian was banned in a number of places upon its initial release. It is an intoxicating celebration of the bizarre, outlandish, and unthinkable. Or, simply put, it is Monty Python at their ridiculous best. It's subtle; it's anarchic; and it's possibly still banned in other countries. This is classic seamless comedy at its best. 10/10.

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kbguy said...

They have the full story on you tube ?

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